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Kate DiLeo

Chief Brand Architect
Kate DiLeo - Ennobble

Kate DiLeo is Chief Brand Architect with brand strategy firm, Ennobble. An “Accidental Brand Strategist” who originally intended to pursue a PhD in Anthropology, Kate fell into branding during her first sales job. It was in the pursuit of making quota that Kate realized she excelled at creating a message that got prospects to email and call her back. In fact, she went on to successfully manage a $1 million pipeline by throwing out the sales scripts and unsubscribing her leads from marketing campaigns. Instead, she delivered a simple pitch that told the prospect what she did, why she was different, and how she could solve their problem. The result was more leads who engaged in compelling conversations and ultimately converted into clients. Kate has since spent the last ten years teaching this powerful technique to over 200 companies across 20 sectors, helping them craft authentic brands that get more prospects to the table, more users who click, and more customers who buy.