5 Steps to Build Data-Driven Video Strategies

US Adults spend over 5 hours a day with video content across all screens. That’s a massive opportunity for you, the marketer, but data is flawed, fraud is real and fragmentation is a challenge. How do you harness the power of video, put it in front of the right audience, prove that it’s working and maximize your ever-critical marketing budgets? Effectv will discuss the challenges you face and share steps for a successful data-driven video strategy.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand the complexities of using data to inform your video strategy
  • Build reach across a fragmented video ecosystem
  • Make considerations for impactful creative
  • Better measure your own success and the partnerships you choose

This session is for anyone who is utilizing or considering TV & video to find their ideal audience wherever and whenever they are in their daily lives.

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