Being a Social Media Sleuth: Leveraging Social Listening for Competitive Intelligence

Chances are, your company already has a plan to grow and maintain your social media channels community. But are you keeping a pulse on what competitors are doing and what your customers are saying about them? Customers willingly share their perspective on social media and often give away competitive insights that your company can leverage to improve your communication and marketing plans. Are there gaps that you can fill with new content or education? Are your competitors using new tactics that are garnering good results? In this session, Vishakha Mathur, Social Media Manager at Boston Scientific, will share how she harvests the power of social listening to gain market and competitive intel to optimize her social media strategy.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Create social listening strategies for market research and competitive analysis
  • Use social listening data to identify content opportunities and gaps
  • Identify customer preferences and reaction to various social strategies