Mastering the Meeker Report: What the 2019 Internet Trends Report Means For You

Widely known as the “Queen of the Internet”, Mary Meeker is a futurist investor known for making early bets on companies like Amazon, Google, Spotify and Instacart. Each year, Meeker presents her Internet Trends report – detailing her heavily researched POV on where marketers/investors/futurists should focus their attention. While many are surprised by her findings, more are shocked to see the predictions come to fruition (e.g. A year after the iPhone launched, she said mobile would kill desktop within 5 years; In 2012, she spoke about international cybersecurity and privacy as ticking time bombs). In this session, we will explore the key 2019 trends from Meeker as well as how digital marketers should interrogate their strategies to incorporate her predictions.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • List the key trends from the 2019 Internet Trends Report
  • Hear how best in class brands are capitalizing on these trends to impact their bottom line
  • Know about the latest platforms and hear where and how consumers are spending their time
  • Understand how to incorporate her predictions into your digital marketing strategies