Making Money with Paid Social, in 2018: What to Do & Winning Plays

Over the last few months, Facebook targeting has undergone radical changes, culminating with recurrent, deep regressions of psychographic targeting, near-elimination of organic visibility for businesses, and other slashed capabilities. Marketers are dealing with broken campaigns and invisible custom audience data. They are wondering if the same is in store for other channels, how to integrate with search, and are generally left scratching their heads as if to scream, “WHAT do we do with this channel now?”

At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Navigate “New” social targeting, and understand why less is actually more
  • Integrate search and social channels, ads, data, and campaign tactics for the win
  • Generate more brand search inventory with saturated keyword imprinting
  • Target influencers in Facebook’s newly depreciated social psychographic environment
  • Take advantage of Twitter, which just became a crucial Ads channel
  • Use LinkedIn to make money, without paying for ads