Connecting with Today’s Consumer in Real Life

A lot has changed. More people are becoming connected to themselves and to the world and we are not just thumbing through life. The fragility of connection was proven as the world shut down in just 5 weeks in 2020 and everything we learnt is up for grabs.

While the world got quiet, Shingy got busy. He has much to say on the way we work, manage, play, grow and position for the future – Web 3 and beyond.

He also interviewed some of the most brilliant brands (from Unilever, Smuckers, Diageo, Barbie and even Tik Tok star and musician Jason Derulo) to better understand how they were addressing change, innovation and leadership throughout the constant state of fuzzy. Get enlightened by a meaningful and insightful look at digital trends, how they are affecting behavior, and what’s next on the digital journey roadmap.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what marketing KPIs need to be reframed
  • Qualify and defend where your brand should focus its marketing efforts
  • Develop the best techniques for bringing people together in meaningful ways, both internally and externally