A Human-Centered Approach to Content Creation

Content marketers are told over and over to “write for their audience.” Yet too often, our audience is the last thing we think about. Want proof? Just take a look at the bland, copycat listicles that are flooding our feeds. People want to be understood and validated—and that involves listening to them. Your audience is more willing than ever to share their experiences and advice, which can make your content more empathetic and exciting. But few marketers are listening. This session will share actionable tips to source amazing content directly from your audience – the kind of content that keeps them coming back for more.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Source unique, helpful content ideas directly from your audience
  • Use these ideas to create unforgettable articles that you can scale fast
  • Discover little-known places to find even more content (hint: Reddit is a gold mine)

This session is perfect for digital marketers who work with content creation in any capacity, and who want to write more memorable and successful content.