Take Your Head Out of the Clouds and Put Your Content There Instead

As consumer behaviors and preferences change, brands need to rethink how content is delivered to support more omnichannel, multi-touch journeys. Now is the time for content creators and marketers to get their heads out of the clouds…and get their content there instead. This session will focus on defining the market’s shift to cloud-driven content management and what that really means for a marketer, the benefits of cloud solutions for content marketers, and how putting your content in the cloud can help marketers streamline content operations, personalization and empower your teams to focus on creating authentic content experiences.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand the market trends shifting to the cloud and the benefits, and determine if cloud-driven content is right for your business
  • Build a cloud checklist to evaluate technology that’s suited for your needs
  • Develop more authentic content experiences for your audience, based on proven tactics of cloud-based use cases

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