Five Key Insights from the IBM Email & Mobile Metrics Benchmark Report

How does your email and mobile marketing program stack up compared to the latest data from IBM’s 2018 Email and Mobile Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study? In this session, we’ll share some key highlights and insights from this latest report, but also provide recommendations on how to better leverage benchmark data and turn key findings into better marketing results.

At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the opportunity that high consumer engagement with transactional messages provides email marketers
  • Leverage the email click-to-open-rate (CTOR) to drive changes in your email body copy and design
  • Use engagement/read rate for segmenting emails and optimizing design/copy
  • Understand what the GDPR database “cleanse” process many brands have taken portends for future metrics and results
  • Take advantage of benchmark data to help educate executives and acquire budget and resources