Social Showdown: Facebook vs. TikTok

Social ads make up a large part of the paid media mix. And a shift is underway where marketers are spending and getting results. Over the past year, TikTok has accelerated its efforts to become the new 800-pound gorilla in paid social by making improvements to the user and advertiser experience. It’s becoming clear that TikTok plans to eat Facebook’s lunch. But Facebook has made several changes to its experiences as well. This session reveals the latest in TikTok’s and Facebook’s ad capabilities and explain tactics that marketers can apply to get more from paid social investments.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve your ad performance on Facebook and TikTok
  • Make the most of custom audiences on social
  • Better evaluate your Facebook and TikTok spend based on predictions of the Facebook vs. TikTok showdown

Who should attend? This session is for digital marketers who run or oversee paid social campaigns and want to improve their performance.

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