Creating Genuine Diversity and Inclusion that Translates into Equity In Marketing and Sales

During a time where almost every organization is reevaluating how to become more inclusive and create real belonging, marketing messages need to be crafted with greater intention than ever before. Brands must abandon their assumptions about how their customers want to be communicated with and listen with curiosity on what a savvy client base is asking for. What if treating humans better in a genuine way is actually the most profitable branding message there is?

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Show data to your Executives to make the case for inclusive teams working in marketing that represent your clients and prospects
  • Use active listening and surveys to avoid costly and offensive marketing message mistakes
  • Understand Universal Design and use simple techniques in your online and social media content to improve accessibility
  • Show the ROI of DEI (Return on Investment for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) for a particular project