Post-Pandemic Positioning: Four Keys to Telling Relevantly Authentic Social Stories in Unsexy Industries

We can’t all market cheeseburgers, music festivals, professional sports franchises, or nationally recognized aluminum-free men’s deodorant. And that’s okay! Underneath every seemingly unsexy brand, there’s a story waiting to be told. When you learn how to tell yours in a way that says, “we’re confident, not cocky,” you lay the foundation to start a great social relationship. But how do you grow it to become a long-term follower rather than a single campaign fling?

This session will examine how the COVID-19 pandemic influenced how today’s social consumer interacts with brands; helps refine the grossly overused word “”authenticity;”” identifies four sustainable content pillars inherent to every brand, no matter the product or service; and identifies tactics to mine for those within your organization.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Define and defend why relevant authenticity is key to today’s post-pandemic consumer
  • Identify four key content pillars for producing social stories that create community and yield results
  • Implement tactical ways to mine for relevantly authentic content within your own organization

This session is for digital marketers who have several years of experience in the social space and need to rekindle the spark of telling passionate compelling stories that produce hot data-driven results.