As more and more research comes out, we know that consumers trust influencers nearly as much as a friend or family member, but how can you utilize influencers, stay true to your brand, and create a large impact? This session will look into how the Schwinn Brand went from 100% brand created content to nearly 80% micro and macro influencer content in less than two short years. You’ll learn how to identify, engage, and utilize micro influences to create a macro impact for your brand.
After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Identify your current and potential brand influencers
  • Engage influencers and utilize them in the way that is best for your brand
  • Work with micro influencers to create buzz in the macro influencer community
  • Explain why working with social influencers can be beneficial to your brand
  • Keep influencers engaged with your brand and get the most out of your investment