Get a Digital Summit exclusive first look of an E-Commerce study detailing the practices of 50 top retailers in the US (excluding Grocery, Drug, and Amazon) and compare how your business stacks up. This session will show you key highlights and takeaways from a study conducted in July 2017 using a proprietary E-Commerce audit checklist. It won’t be formally published until late September so this is the first time any of the data is publicly shown. You’ll learn how these retailers integrate with brick & mortar, how they engage with mobile audiences, how they compare with each other, and much more. Plus, we’ll discuss how you can incorporate some of these practices into your business.
After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Incorporate best practices from topic retailers into your own business
  • Understand common struggles and shortcomings of top retailers (and what you should do to take advantage)
  • Use a checklist to audit your own E-Commerce business
  • Catch things that you probably never considered